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Hey! I'm a natural pessimist, a teensy bit- and by a teensy bit I mean A LOT- sarcastic. My favourite animal is a wolf because I love how loyal they are to their pack and I wonder how it must feel knowning that you ALWAYS have someone watching your back. Out of the moon and the sun, I'd choose the moon and don't believe that black magic and white magic are so defined as people say they are. As in, you could summon a familiar to maul your enemies, or cast a hex on someone to protect others. Of course, there's simpler ways, but they are just some examples.
I'm pretty observant and always like to look at things from different angles. I like mysteries and codes, and I would die if all of a sudden, every single book in the world disappeared. I love art, especially drawing, and I play guitar. I'm an okay Cross Country runner, but honestly, there are other things I'd rather be doing.
So, yeah, that's me! :D