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Hey it's Melodia. (Update)It's been a while since I've been on SoM, as I had some issues with my parents. Though now I am back, wandering around threads. I don't post much anymore. Currently in the broom closet, I've been a non-profiler on this site for about a year. However, I am still a beginner. Staying in the broom closet is hard, and sometimes I feel like I should come out.... But really, if I come out there really is no way to go back in :/ I ended up on this page a year ago. When I was little, I used to have my own little beliefs, rituals, etc. My mom thought it was cute. When I grew older, my mother didn't like it. I kept my thoughts to myself about my beliefs. I told my close friend. She said she didn't mind, but I knew she didn't mean it. I thought I was weird. I asked if I was weird on Google. I don't remember every single detail, but eventually I found this site. Here I am. Hello! I really don't have a particular area of study; I just do what I feel like doing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try my best. Please note that my replies are not always going to be 100% accurate, and all I really do is use what I know. If any of my info needs to be corrected, just tell me. If you are going to mail me, I won't answer mail with the subject "hi", "no subject", etc. I also don't cast spells for anyone. There you have it!