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Name: Harchart
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Hello,? My name is Magule,Harchart. "First off I tell you that I'm not crazy because I have split personality, witch means I have two spirits in one body, and mind" (two not three or five) if I was more than two spirits in one body, and mind per say I had three spirits in one body, and mind witch I don't! (three or more personalities would be called multiple personality) and not split meaning I have only two personalities. "this disorder I have is nothing like how movies betray this type of personality disorder as" I am normal! Also I tell you as another first that because I am schizophrenic, I'm not dangerous to talk too or be around "it just means I have hallucinations in the following senses - see, hear, taste, and smell. Also I say what I have hallucinations about is none of your concern! (so do not ask) if you do ask, I will politely ignore your question by redirecting the topic of conversation. "Secondly when I say that my spirituality is of a luciferian" that doesn't mean I worship Satan or the devil, it means my deity is a being of light. Lucifer, barrier of light. (not) prince of darkness. To let an outsider see what a luciferian is, it is a path to enlightenment and that means that you as a luciferian is god, and not god as in one being but god as in many beings able to create, destroy, and remember everything that dose and doesn't exist from religion, language, to architecture, and wisdom. (ex.) "I am luciferian and as a being of light I am the archangel of death Gabriel a star seed sent from at far stars away." "Thirdly I am gifted with the crown of wisdom from God, and God as is many beings" (crown of wisdom to bestow to the youth) is what it is called. I received this gift from God as many beings in the kingdom of the heavens. The heavenly ritual started by blinded white light and once blind then deaf ?and as blind, deaf then physically heavy but yet still lightweight mentally, my thought was that I am going to die it was peaceful I kneeled down on one knee then all of a sudden for the first time my crown Chakra opened, and moments after I regained my sight and hearing and everything went back to normal. I meditated for long periods of time on all that happened to me that day, my answer was that I was received a gift a crown of wisdom to bestow to the youth. ? "Fourth I am Magule,Harchart" this name means that I have a gift for logic and reason.? "Fifth I am Morgen" this name means that I am an idealist, visionary, creative, and an artist.? "Sixth my Chinese birth year and sign" (1995/Boar) the boar is diligent, compassionate, and generous but is easily fooled because the boar never suspects trickery.? "Seventh my zodiac star sign" (Capricorn) witch means I am loyal but yet dis trusting.? "Eighth my life path #" (number 3) witch means I am bad with money.? "Ninth my aura color" (yellow) witch means I'm actively intelligent and like to discuss topics of wisdom.? "Tenth my breed or race" (indigo) this just means that I don't listen to authority.? "Eleventh (Chinese zodiac compatibility)" well because I am a boar, I am compatible with (0. Boar)(1. Sheep, Rabbit)(2. Dragon, Dog)(3. Rat, Rooster, Monkey)(4. Tiger, Horse)(5. Ox)(6. Snake) "Twelfth (sun sign astrology compatibility)" well because I am a capricorn, I am compatible with (0. Capricorn)(1. Taurus, Virgo)(2. Pisces, Scorpio)(3. Cancer)(4. Sagittarius, Aquarius)(5. Gemini, Leo)(6. Aries, Libra) "Thirteenth (life path compatibility)" well because my life path number is #3, I am compatible with (0. #3)(1. #5)(2. #7) "Fourteenth (favorite colors and shades) my best colors are (1. Black)(2. White)(3. Blue)(4. Green)(5. Yellow)(6. Red) Also I must say, if you are interested in having a conversation with me feel free to inbox me. I don't mind!