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Name: Falling_Leaf
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When asked about my path, I often say that it is heavily rooted in Shamanism since I was raised in a home that practiced it. But it's branches reach out past shamanism into many other spiritualities and practices. I guess it's my fancy way of saying I'm an eclectic spiritualist.

Being raised in a shamanic practicing home, I have studied and practiced nearly my whole life. These studies have helped me come to the conclusion that magic is a lot about the power of thought and directing it. That's all casting a spell really is; directing your energy (and sometimes other energy) towards a goal.

What does this mean for beginners? Well for starters it means having doubt in yourself and your craft will prevent you from getting the results you seek.

As a note: You will not become a mermaid eagle dragon fairy no matter how hard you try.

Beginners, before messaging me, please search the basics. There are many amazing resources on this site alone that can get you so far. I do not teach or mentor. Instead, all I will do is give you resources to find the answers you are looking. People better learn when they are not being spoon fed the information.

What I am currently practicing/Main parts of my practice:
- Spirit work and Communication
- Divination, mostly with oracle or tarot cards
- Healing with energy, herbs, crystals, and spirits.
- Natural magics which includes working with herbs, crystals
- Astral Projection

(Bare in mind that these are just main parts/what I am currently studying and practicing. These do not make up the entirety of my knowledge in no way.)

Rules of messaging me:
1) Do not flirt. I will block you.
2) No fluff messages, meaning messages about mermaids, becoming a demon, or anything along those lines. I left this site partly because I was sick of the fluffy.
3) Do not request I teach you. I do not teach. It is better to point you along the direction of finding your own answers.