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I study everything I mean I honestly just want to know and experience everything so by all means allow your wave lengths and mine to cross and let's explore ourselves together I don't know everything at the moment but a quest for immortality knowledge and a drive to question will one day lead me to that moment when the very last star burns out and I will get to experience the nothingness that is the void oh Nun one day may I bathe in your waters. Anyway I'm interested in everything you can tell me oh I always check my research and yours too :) I don't think you should believe anyone on their word always find your own truth for knowledge is power and wisdom is gaining understanding you will receive no judgment here my brothers and sisters I welcome all just know that my magick is one of deep thought and consciousness blocked by nothing I feel no emotion damn near so I only have logic Peace is the answer. I'm a pacifists who is generally friendly to everyone. I don't like closed mindedness you should always be open to the possibility that something you have never experienced may be the best experience you ever had that being said I'm a sociopathic humanitarian as odd as that sounds I love you all even though when you die I won't miss you.... Also I'm pretty heavy into deep thinking and self evolution through self exploration I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world and that damn near sums me up music is extremely important to me I listen to everything literally I have over a thousand plus songs and that list grows everyday so if your into music I would love to learn new bands and sounds I'm not religious but very spiritual I devote my entirety to my wife she is literally the reason I wake up each day a little happier as time goes on she is very open minded as well neither of us get jealous but that doesn't mean go flirting with her in an inappropriate manner please and thank you that goes for me as well no inappropriate flirting either that being said I hope we can be friends and share some intricate thoughts on the depth of reality and so forth. Be safe out there I believe we are the broken mind of a deiety (higher dimensional being) shattered into this universe we see today that'swhy we are all the same yet so very different we are the traits ccharacteristics and personality mixtures of this being or possibly beings