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Name: DJMJM64
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Joined Date: February 2nd, 2015 at 01:53:00am. Hi there, I'm sorry if I didn't put up any information because I'm still pissed the people in charge of this website had to kill my old account that I use to have before. NOW IT'S GONE FOR GOOD...*sighs....Anyway, I tend to do either death or wish spells. Death spells I only use them when I'm pissed off about something and really want to bring anger. I'm hoping to use it as a way of getting revenge on adults in school. (Even the (Censored but no curse words)) So if you do look around here I've got nothing, it's best to see someone else's profile rather then me. Over and out...=3 -DJMJM1080 EDIT: I'm no longer this angry as I use to anymore. Never did death spells as I use to when I was in high school. I however now have an invisible dragon which I believe is currently living with me in secret. Hopefully if I do the ravenman ritual, he might be the only one to tell me if I have a dragon in my house or not, and have the ability to see him of course. His name is also Matthew. I first created him back in 2014 during one of the full moons, but I will continue to do dragon spells to hopefully find one that could help me in my company. It would be great to have a dragon buddy whom in secret is a lady (human in disguise) to help with my film company. But I would be able to know her really as an anthro female dragon. So I will continue to work on the day the dragon spell works and will be overjoyed if he or she can appear in front of me. (I hope you're reading this Matthew.) EDIT #2: Holy crow I've been on this site for nearly 5 years now. Gosh how time flies when doing magic or real life. Account Closed Date: