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hey im 14 iv been practiceing for 4 years and my gods are gia and neptune gia is our true mother she gives us wat we need but if we hurt her we wont go unpunished and my forte' is chants magic has always been part of my life im a empath a psychic and a slight weather worker and hopefully soon to be a mermaid i do white magic and if iv been harmed i will do black and im willing to take the karma i love to sing act dance soon i will be recording my demo and i will be famous by the time im 18 so yay oh almost forgot im a natural witch hey heres a spell for becoming a mermaid Recite: Insouciant inclemency Redoubtable mediocracy Refutable humanity Make me what I wish to be… A MERMAID Witches one and witches all Give this power to me Repeat this 10 times Whatever you do ,DO NOT SAY THIS WHILE DRY!! when u have done this plz see me, u should get ur tail in about six weeks and you need a symbol like a necklace or a bracelet ora ring ect and you sprout a tail every time you get wet and legs once ur dry again naked pride spell for those who r shy you need a mirror and no clothes on as in nothing stand infront of the mirror and say closed up like a clam open up show my perl to the world let my soul shine and rise [20x] a new aying of mine practice the praticer becomes the becoming the becoming becomes the became the became becomes the is the is becomes the powerful and it has to do wit generations of witches it starts with a practice and down the line of the family tree ends wit the power ful and it stays that way