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Name: Lord_Nembor
Gender: Male
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- I am a born clairvoyant and destiny wizard
- I can manipulate weather and the Karma of other people
- I learned how to create different creations and realities but i don't know how to access them...
- I have natural healing powers and am an adept in destruction powers to keep the yin-yang balance.
- I search for illumination and more control over the art of magic
- I really want to access my creations and also ascend to the status of a god.
- My final purpose is to become a honorable and friendly god that creates different realities and also cooperates with other gods in teams of creation... rarely destruction like 10 or 20 %
-I worship the supreme lord of light Primus and study his dark brother Segundus (the supreme god of darkness)
i worship this god as he is the most powerful existing entity that i know... even Yahweh and his brother Allah are far weaker...
I Will not cast any spells for anyone as i am only searching for ascension and am not searching for extra karmic troubles to solve...
I am an open book as to how the creation works and how it looks as i have studied it for quite some time - you are free to ask me any questions in this domain as I'm sure that more knowledge about the creation will help you in your magic journey.

* I wield the force of light and obey the will of Primus
* I am a master creator, i invent new realities and help others to become creators
* I wield the force of this universe and the multiverse to fulfill prophecies that must be fulfilled
* I am the great darkness beyond the light and the teacher of enders
* I delve deep into infinity with no fear for it is the only way to ascension
* -Darkness is not evil, it is serenity peace and equality
-it is the creator of consciousness and the builder of light
-it is not violence it won't destroy creations,
-However it is fear! it is the hidden knowledge and it is the source of demons
-Light is the power and it is the offspring of darkness for at the beginning there was only darkness
* There is no such thing as evil, we made it up cause of the fear of extinction as a species. when you realize that demons, spirits and angels are eternal and indestructible, when you realize that we are all the creation of darkness you realize that there is no war between these two forces.
* for us, the creatures that made the natural, us, the ones that chose to incarnate and experience limitation, we are brothers and sisters no matter the emotions we feel for each other. whether we hate or love one another this are just expressions of the material. we are truly emotionless gods incarnated within emotive animals...
We are all the great darkness and we all are light cause we are gods!