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Name: ImperialEris
Birthday: Sep 20 1994
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Greetings all, I must state that it is an honour to dwell within the world of magic and its riches. I have a pretty vast experience in magic, due to living in a family that has practiced for generations. Being here I have nothing and tend not to prove myself to others and in doing so I will not cast spells for other members and I have absolutely no intention to do the same so please do not ask for such. I am an expert in Greek mythology so if someone needs any help or advice concerning the Greeks or any other matter I'll be happy to help. Also, I should state that I know English, Latin, Turkish, Greek, and Russian, and am skilled in Arabic as well as Orhon Turkic. I am also a divination practitioner, I use the Gypsy cards and I can help anyone who needs help in the craft or as a reading. Skilled in astrology as well as biorhythms. If you wish to have a reading please state in your message what kind of reading (general, love, carrier, etc.) or your situation. Interested in other things, just ask. And I need to mention that I do not reply to messages without a subject nor do I respond to messages saying just "hi" or "hello". Blessed be.