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MidnightLife's Profile

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Name: MidnightLife
Birthday: Feb 24
Location: Texas
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 07 Jan 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hi, I'm Midnight or what people call me Mid or Luna. There isn't a reason or there is a reason I don't know. I have been told that I have a curse that can make things go wrong. And I believe them. I am cursed to do bad things or make bad decisions. No, it isn't bad luck. It's a curse. I'm not the only one who did witchcraft or like how I call it Magic in my family. My mother has done it also. I don't really know if my other family members have done magic. And I would really like to know if they have done it before. But the problem is that they wont tell me anything cause they think I will do it or mess something up. In my world lies are everywhere. It's hard to tell if someone is telling the truth in my family. My family is literally made of lies I guess. And I just want to know the truth. But I already know I will never get it only if I try hard enough. I don't see my family as family only my mother. That's only because the rest hate my guts like crazy haha. And because the decisions I have made. I still remember when I ran away. Sure probably some of you or none of you think that's a good idea or that it would be awesome. Yes it could be awesome at first or if you actually make it. But then your going to miss what you had before you ran away. I know I sound all weird and stuff but I just want to say this that's all. The only thing I missed when I ran away was my mother. I saw the way she would cry when she would find out. Because you see, me and my mom have this weird bond thing or 'power' if you want to call that. My mom can sense or feel when something is happening. For example, I had to walk home on a cold rainy day. And let me tell you it was the kind of cold that you would turn blue from. Once I got home, I ran straight towards my mothers room because I felt like I was going to throw up. And ,like I was excepting, my mother in the bathroom throwing up. I know that its gross to read and you would probably stop reading and leave but I'm just saying. She felt worried that I would have died or get frozen like a popsicle. Okay now I will tell you what else I can do. I can feel when something happened. Or to tell you simply, when something is bugging someone. I will show you a conversation I had with my friend. ***************************************************************** Elissa: -smiles- So what do you want to do? Me: -stares at her, eyes narrowed- Elissa: What? Me: Hmmm Elissa: Why are you looking at me like that!? Me: What is going on? Elissa: What are you talking about? Me: I got a feeling something is up. What is going on Elissa? Elissa: Nothing is wrong Mid. -shakes head- Me: Your lying. Tell me Elissa now please. -frowns- Elissa: Ugh! Fine. My father-.... ***************************************************************** No I wont give you the whole story haha. It's personal information. And she still freaks out when I get my 'feelings' or senses. But sometimes I don't like the feelings.....they bring trouble. And ruin relationships with friends. It has happened so I have learned that when I get a feeling don't ask the person what's wrong. Only if its a good time and not a bad. Which is rarely good at all. I know this may all sound resent but its new to me. And probably to some people so shush to people who know it hehe. When I make friends I get overprotective of them. I know it sounds weird but its true. I know it would be weird but I care for the people I know. Well I have to trust them first.I may have a big heart but I have trust issues. And I talk bad about myself a lot. But I am shy like crazy at first but will stop when I get to know the people or person. Also I can get crazy like a lot. It happens to a lot of people. But to me it happens for a reason. It just depends on what kind if reason. People see me as good and half evil. Or like a lot of people or friends I know say I am half angel and half demon. It's crazy but its kind of true since a lot of people say it. And for the rest of the things I want to say but have no words to put them in, this is me. Wow that sounded so cheesy haha. But it is true. I may sound all childish or what ever you think a person like me but I am a different person then the way I can describe. I'm just not good at saying things or description. This is all I'm going to say in the bio. The rest your either going to have to find out or don't.