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Name: Spiritress
Birthday: Dec 5 1997
Location: Ohio
Gender: Female
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I am a young werewolf with black fur and green eyes. I am young with a werewolf sister, she is a white werewolf with blue eyes. We only know that our origins come from France. Abandoned at humans doorsteps we have only one previeous memory from before the abandonment: "It was dark and our brown haired mother had put us in a basket together. our beautiful blond haired father had kissed us on the head before our mother, in her black wolf form, took us away from him. She put us each on the stone door step and, now in her human form, knocked on the door. The humans answered and took us in, and apparently they couldn't handle both of us and gave my sister to a couple who had no children. The humans that took me gave me a reached human name, Emily. My name from my parents still ring in my ears, Moonbrand Fire. My sister, whom the couple call Victoria, a year later had a child of their own called Gregory. My sister's name from our parents is Snowy Heart. The white pelt we figured was from our father." We now hunt for the truth our past, together. Our recent discovery is that of a journal with the signature paw print that was our mother signature pattern. We have not yet read this journal but will keep you updated. -------------------------------------------------------------- We have read the beging of the journal and discovered our parents names were Wergar and Cresentia Luna. We each also have discovered we have special talents, I have the power to have visions of the future, and my sister has the power to walk on other peoples dreams. We have decided to join a tribe/pack. Please let us know if you know a pack that would accept us. We will keep you updated about the journal. -------------------------------------------------------------- We have found out that I have been promised to marry Jackson of the Rocky Pack in Denmark. My sister has been promised to Jacob of the Ridge Pack in California. The males we have been promised too know of this arrangement. Jackson has been emailing and calling me. Jacob has been sending gifts to Snowy Heart. We are still awaiting a pack. We will keep you updated. -------------------------------------------------------------- OMG! I have two more sisters! One is named LilyVine and the other is named OceanFang. We are the bestest of friends and sisters. OceanFangs pelt is creme with greyish eyes. LilyVine has a brown wolf pelt with deep brown eyes. We have created pour own pack..well sort of. Me and my sisters are all alphas and we have a beta male. His name is SunBlood, he has a silver pelt with golden eyes. Keep watching for more updates! -------------------------------------------------------------- There has been a shocking developement. My fur color is changing and so is my hair color. I did not dye it, no. I do not know why. The journal also noted that we have strange abilities. -------------------------------------------------------------- We have found another werewolf! His name is Sun Scar! He is LilyVines adopted brother. He has fought me and taken on rope as alpha. -------------------------------------------------------------- My role has alpha returned to me. My sister's and I rule in peace but now I must find a mate. For my good, and the good of the pack.