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Name: Rosto
Birthday: Jul 28 2001
Location: Atlanta Georgia USA
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I would like to learn and study more about Magic and Mythology because I don't have much experience in Magic I do have the time to do this but IDK were to start, If you are willing to teach me go ahead it would be a big help ~~~ Please read my whole bio before messaging me ~~~ I haven't gotten much mail recently.... ~~~ Welcome to my bio! I am a very unique person, I always have something interesting to talk about so don't be shy to ask me anything, so go ahead and message me! My Photos are now public I am looking to join a werewolf pack, I've had experience in the Laoch Croga Pack until I was kicked out for unjust reasons, I want to become a werewolf _____________________________________________________________ Chakras ~~~ Root: under-active (0%) Sacral: open (38%) Navel: open (56%) Heart: open (25%) Throat: open (56%) Third Eye open (44%) Crown: open (56%) ___________________More Information About Me_____________________ - I have known about this site for 3 years (Yet I haven't studied much magic) - My IQ score is 154 (Not that anyone cares =/) - I am Single, but not planning anything - Sexuality = Straight - I am 16 years old - I consistently watch Markiplier, jacksepticeye and GameGrumps on YouTube - My favorite color is red - I like nature especially forests - I HATE roleplaying - I am really into audio/video technology - I like to do voice overs and commentary, I am currently using an AT2020+ mic - I am into Photography and Cinematography - I like to play videogames - I own 5 vintage 8mm film cameras - I'm a Junior in high school - I have a good sense of humor - One of my favorite shows is Doctor Who - I am a coffee person =D - I like to listen to 70s-80s & classical music - Current Favorite Song: Hocus Pocus - Focus - Favorite Classical Song: Requiem - Mozart - I have a very creative mind - I don't like Anime _____________________________________________________________