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Name: zorablade
Location: California
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 06 Aug 2015
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I'm an older Wiccan, I started when I was 16 (many moons ago). My mother got me into it via astrology, it escalated from there. I did a lot of my own spells in that time due to not having the inter webs, as well as sharing with fellow Wiccans in my neighborhood.
I just recently started up again against my boyfriends will. I'm hoping to build up what I've lost over the years, I know I can still do it... I can feel it.
On another note...
I'm a Star Wars super nerd. As well as Warhammer 40k. I play a lot of PC games on steam and I am a co-founder of a guild in SWTOR (Sovereignty, west coast RP server guild). I am also a professional miniature painter, I do models from table top miniatures to large video game/anime models. I'm going to school at the moment to be a stock broker, since I'm good with numbers.