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Name: LoptsTAB
Location: P.N.W.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 03 Apr 2020

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Its me it's just Tabby
Norse Pagan,Loki specifically
Mother and wife
Aka are tabbsEGO and Darth_Tabby
I'm the Priestess of Baying Wolves ,its a special group and I've grown soo much from it,and everyone who's passed thru in the last 5 years... I've been doing occultish type stuff for about 20 something years and the last 7 have been devotional work to Loki and the Rokkr pantheon... I find spirituaity here and it's saved me,made me a better person...which is good...
Baying Wolves is NOT a role playing coven. I canNoT help you become anything not physically possible here and now......
That makes sense right....?
If you're interested in Baying Wolves we're always accepting active and willing members. Apply to myself or my Priest Freyrsdottir..