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Name: Isabel_123
Location: where ever you want me!!!!!
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I'm 17 a girl from a big city that keeps going. ever since I was little all my dreams came true in some form, my mother told me not to worry about it's nothing, so i paid no mind unit i saw my mom getting really sick and that year my mom got really sick, she still with me but she'll never be the same person. my step mother started helping me find out more about my self like i'm Native American and African American with a little White.
When was in the 6th grade i started writing poems and short story's I stop for a long time I went far from my right path that made me to fallow. but know i'm trying to get back on track.
I believe that this site may help me find that right trail and get back on my feet and things in order fast!

If You Have any question about me just send a message
don't be shy!!!

I'm not longer a beingier so if you have any question about, or if you just want to just get to me just send me a message!!! Okay
I'm Taken in a way..... but still looking for love!!!!
I want love but don't know how to find it
Magic is my life i made changes and I learned the hard way that for it to work you must believe in it with your heart and your soul......
Blessed it be!!!