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Name: Yee
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I am not too experienced with such topics here, yet very much interested... And when I am interested in something, I yearn to learn. I can understand that I am young, while I can understand that my youth does not limit my knowledge, intelligence, or abilities. Personally, I find myself almost older... Yet somehow in a younger form. The outside world decides to underestimate me for that.... That's simply ignorance. I am an artist... Not simply by the works of visual ideas, yet maybe even with creative writing and random, crappy poems when I'm bored. Honestly, I can see myself as young inside emotionally; rather a new soul... Yet I delve deeper into to live mentally at the same time. Overall, I cause myself confusion.... Yet life causes many confusion, doesn't it? My love for nature brings me peace and appreciative perspectives on the world and ones around me... I do my best to succeed in looking beyond the normal eye. I do what I can to take mind of little things to discover the bigger ones... Hopefully I can be accepted for who I am, and loved for who I truly exist as... Even though I am very kind and considerate- basically positive in overall, social nature- I will have no hesitation to block you if there lies a specific, agreeable reason to... Hopefully I can gain friends, assistance, tips, acceptance, information, succession, understanding, and much, MUCH more from this site... And I shall very much exaggerate the "assistance" part, for again: I am VERY new to spells and Magick. That is all you need to know for now. If you want to know anything personal or more, it's best you either ask and provide a reason... Or simply get to know me as the time goes by. People say there are roads you follow throughout life... Yet I choose to make my ways through the land beyond them...