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Name: Julius70
Birthday: Jun 20 1986
Location: Hampton Bays, NY
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Hello, my name is actually John, but I like my middle name Julius a lot more. I kind of made my user name on a random whim, apparently. My facebook name is John, but I had it as Julius for a long time. So, anyways, I've been more or less an eclectic for some time now. I like white magic, and grey magic, use to be in to black magic, for a short while. I actually propelled the Philosophy of Laveyan Satanism a few years back, despite having a Christian upbringing. I tampered with forces better left alone. I regarded myself as a Satanic Witch for a time. Now, these days, I attend church weekly and believe strongly that seemingly opposing world views can be synergized as a creative equal parts kind of mechanism. I also believe the true magical path is never totally completed. One must seek out all sorts of various knowledge to really hone their own craft and adherence to their specific path.