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Name: wolfess
Birthday: Oct 24 2001
Location: Canada, British Columbia
Gender: Female
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Please. Call me Mercy~ A wolf who wanders tall and proud, he sees the light no more, his mind is blank and dark, as he walked through life's loving door, but not to far away sits the wolf who holds the power, her growl is filled with fury, her heart blooms like a flower, it is finally the time to show her purpose in the world, to hunt the ones who leave life's guide to take them from this world, she howls her song of glory, she howls her song of might, because this wolf who stepped across life's boundaries, will suffer her deadly bite, so running into the dark of the woods, she grins a grin a glory, as the creatures who lurk the darkened woods, all whisper her vain story "Dear Wolfess hide your pain, your the light that kills the darkness", and holding her head high she leaps into the dark of night. I write for fun ^-^ I enjoy making poems and stuff, if you hate it, don't say it, just simply turn around and leave, I speak only English, I'm Ukrainian, born and raised in Canada and yeah, I love wolves, so if you don't like them, don't tell me, I tend to dislike people who would rather kill or harm a wolf than save one or if they would not kill or harm one but strongly dislike them and encourage their deaths, tell me, if you took a stroll in the woods and a young very injured wolf lay on the side of the path, would you kill it, or help it, if you would continue on your way without doing anything, you are technically killing it. To walk in the presence of the forest, would you have the courage? to walk so far from home, would you even dare? but life is full or surprises, life is hard to bear so go ahead continue, in this world of pure despair. Feel free to contact me any time, I'll always get back to you. ~Some things about me well I am a girl first of all, I tend to go by Wolfess or Winter as my main usernames consist of the two, I am devoted to the practice of magic and hope to someday make it a lot more frequent in my life, I still have troubles with meditating, it seems I have to many things on my mind all the time, I am young for your average magic practiser though I do find myself very fascinated by magic and spells in general, I do not have a mentor or teacher to help me, though I'm sure not many do, though it does help, I have a passion for wolves, so its not a surprise if I go browsing through the were-wolf spells section. Again feel free to mail me any time, I'm not all useless and I'm sure I can point you in the right direction if you need some help. I am also a Warriors fan, if your familiar with the book Warrior Cats you'll know, I'll probably be finishing the entire series in less than a month, though they are still making books, cheers to that! I am a massive Roleplayer and often play on RP sites, I enjoy Roleplaying rather as an animal than human, including wolf, dog and cat, I normally go by Winter in Wolf RP's and something along the lines of Wintersong and Lilypond in Warrior Cat or just Cat RP's sometimes I enjoy using a character I call Ender to be more mysterious and shadowy, a cat who is deeply connected to witchcraft and the after life with jet black fur and deep neon purple eyes that send chills up ones spine >:3