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Name: o0silence0o
Birthday: Jan 4 1997
Gender: Female
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::a little about me::
? co- priestess of Sisterhood of the Shadowed Wood, alongside Violet Crowe (DagmarthLite)
? eclectic pagan, polytheist
? still learning, as we all are, but knowledgeable.
? in my free time, I love to draw, write, role play, game on pc & xbox, world build, play d&d, make characters, read, etc.
? feel free to send me a chat :) I don?t bite. please be respectful though, i an in a monogamous relationship. anyone who sends inappropriate messages will be reported and blocked.
::my craft::
~what i?ve gotten good at ~
? sigils- crafting and use
? lunar magic
? divination and spirit communication- spirit board, pendulum, and tarot.
? spell crafting and casting
? hex work
? color magic
? dream interpretation
? numerology
? blood magick
? herbs
~what I?m familiar with, but I?d like to improve on/learn more about~
? Appalachian folk magic
? spirit work
? crystal magic
? curse work
? palmistry
? demonology
? astral projection
? deity work