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Name: DagonsHeart
Birthday: Jul 21 1995
Location: On the edge of the shadows awaiting Death
Gender: Male
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My name is Dagon Sitting alone is this darkness knowing there is people around who care and who want to help but yet there is never anyone around. So you truly are alone. The darkness soon becomes all you ever know as it engulfs your entire being. And you start looking all hope all emotions all feelings until you are what you have been running from. The outcast the darkness itsself. You will learn to accept it but as you live your life you will learn there is nothing you can ever do to change it you will always remain cruel and heartless. The people only as why but you never answer you only laugh as you rip their hearts out of their chest. And kill them. As they breath the last breath then ask for mercy and they finally realise the true meaning of power. Is through death I always call but there is no answer. I always reach but she is just out of grasp. Why was I an idiot why was I so stubburn. Why do I always fight against the humans and sociaety? They are weak I know this but am I the weak one for trying to get the world back the way it was? Confusion has set in the path lies ahead. What path will I choose After all these years...the countless scars and broken bones. The many attempts to erase you from my mind to no avail. You seek me out and get a hold of me. She. I almost gave up hope you come out of the shadows...how...how do I know I can trust you? *sighs then laug hs slightly* prove your love that's how For one to truly know oneself. You need to face death. Why face death? Then we know where the limit lies of out bodies. Until that limit is reached we only fear it. Those who have faced it push the limits of death until the our body reaches it limit. Those new limits are where the immortality begins we know no boundaries limited by death. Death fears the ones who push limits beyond its grasp. And why? Because he has yet to find his own limits...so the question is. Who has pushed themselves beyond the limits of death itself. the time is short. The end draws near. I am nowhere to be found. My loyalty still remains and my heart still hers. I find myself into the abyss so deep so dark. Will I call this my home? An eternity of hatred, betrayal, lonliness, anger. Or do I get out leavin all emotions behind and continue on my path until I get to her. But will it be to late? To late to be the one she remembers. The options are weighed. Failure is the outcome No matter the path. The cycle will never change. If I give up I fail. If I go all emotions will be lost and I will not be the one she once loved. So all my struggling will be worthless. Still I carry on not caring of the outcome knowing what lies ahead knowing what will become of me. Why do you ask? Because i made a promise i will stop at nothg until she is safe in my arms again death comes in many forms at many times. But when you live over a spam of life times. You start to notice the pattern. Some can change it but most times they cant. My cycle is almost complete. Another life. To where i have failed. Because i have failed. I pay the price. I welcome it. It's like pressing the reset button. I will do it right eventually but until then the cycle will keep starting over I Will succeed Lilith I will have a life where I find you and claim your love. It might take the rest of eternity but I will manage. what is life but the begginning of death? And so it begins. The lies begin and the words of people who hate me against the truth. Who will people believe? We shall find out Go ahead listen to others i have alot of people who hate me Just because they don't get what they want. So who the hell cares. You want to talk to them and believe them? Go ahead. I am done being this weak human. I am done showing all emotions. You want to say I am this monster that can't be loved i will show you a monster Again all I do is mess up. I didn't even do anything but tell the truth. *shakes my head acually fighting tears* im sorry I really am. But I know when I am not welcomed. I guess I will always be alone Do not feel guilty please I do not want you to feel guilty of anything. I caused this. You didn't I am only speaking how I feel I am truly alone. People who say they love me only hurt me. I give my heart but get pain in return maybe One day I will find the one Save me please someone save me from the hell I was born in. Everything hurts Noone truly cares. The ones I love betray me. Is it because I refuse to let go of the past and continue to hope that it will turn out the way it should? I do not know all I do know for sure is that I am alone I have always been alone in this life. I can't trust anyone Noone can trust me because of it. I am only hopeing to be saved but how can I be saved when I refuse to be saved? That is something I am trying to figure out. I need to let go of the part but how can I when the past is all I have left? Some people think myths are only tales from people's mind and imaginations. But that's where they are wrong *laughs* myths are very real and people should fear them. But if they learn the truth it will be alot easier. I am easy to get along with Message me if you want I don't mind making new friends. Please be yourself I do not like fakes You pathetic humans. All y'all know how to do is make promises and destroy them. You get into people's hearts and then rip then out of the chest. You feed off people's pain and suffering. You can't have blood so you make the pain. You betray all those you claim to love. Humans know nothing but betrayal I am always going to be alone. No matter who I love who I care for I always get hurt. I wish people would just accpect me for who I am not who I pretend to be. When I show my true self people always leave because they "fear to be truly loved" what kind of crap is that it sad and pathetic I guess people will just never know how bad that hurts.