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Name: Vosh
Birthday: Dec 3 1992
Location: Indiana
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 27 Apr 2023
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I used to be on this site as Kurost but left when I had to deal with some things that were going on in my life. I have for the most part dealt with these things and am happy to be back.
I have been practicing for many years now. I started young guided by my brother who is by 12 years my elder. He always encouraged me to question what I see and come to my own conclusions. I didn't even realize what I was learning till about 13 years old when it all came together. I started off slow with martial arts into energy manipulation. learning to control my body and its energy.
I always had a strong ability to see spirits and other things around when I was younger. This has guided my interest into my adult life. I specialize in protection and banishment, though I am proficient in most other things.
I created a coven when I was younger and led it for about 5 years. I just recently came to a disagreement with some of the people of that coven and left. This was actually the primary reason I left the site as I was trying to get that coven in order before I left it. I was a council member for the coven Council of Earna on SOM before I left.
when I returned I was made a council member of the Council of Earna again but I have since left.
I will be glad to answer any question you send my way to the best of my knowledge.
Be Well and Thanks for reading.