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Name: BeautifulKat
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I am an empath for sure. I have always been intouch with my gifted sidw, but never fully understood it. I know i have more gifts than that,but id prefer not to bring them up because they feel like more of a curse than anything....I am not here to "act" or waste my time...Thats no offense to anyone but i know my reason for being drawn back to this site once again at age 22... I am here for spiritual guidance and help from someone that i can actually learn a thing or two from. I am aware that this site is supposed to be for entertainment, but im sure there are gifted ones on here as well as I. A little bio about what ive experienced, From age 3 up til age 15 ive had many situations where i had visions and it had before i could get my mom or someone to believe me...because of that i may come off as very demanding and blunt but only because now as a young adult, i still cant get people to understand when i warn them or tell them to please make a certain choice, they tell me i dont know anything and bam!, right in their faces they experience what i told them would happen. I know most skepticals cant be helped, but in my soul i know that's my life mission,to help others. I say this because,all my life no matter who has hurt me badly, ive helped them when they were down and needed it....Its not the best thing to do emotionally but i cant resist... At age 15 Ive started hearing voices calling my name and sometimes manisfesting as people im familiar with, telling me answers to questions... it scared me but somehow ive been able to block that out between age 17 and 20.. Ive also have had evil entities appear in human form (though very disfigured) to me randomly.Most of the time id be asleep and wake and itd be standing over my side of the bed or the foot of the bed watching me..Experiencing these things and now talking about it makes me very emotional and afraid because ive never really shared these things with many people or give them easy access to my deep secrets.. I usually tend to stay away from groups of people as well as specific peole because i can automatically detect their emotions and vibes. sometimes it gets more intense and i can surely but barely feel their physical pain and know what they are thinking. it takes so much energy from me and it makes me mentally exhausted. i would often try to share my feelings with someone i can trust to release some of the emotions i picked up on, but if i dont then i become extremely overwhelmed and would have a mental breakdown. Now that you know a little bit about me, I hope to soon meet someone that has knowledge about this type of stuff or same experiences.