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BrambleRose's Profile

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Name: BrambleRose
Location: California
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 25 Sep 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Welcome all! From my earliest memories I have had a connection with nature. Earth Based Spirituality and the elements have called to me, even when I was too young to know who was calling. Native AMerican traditions were my first fascination as my Great Grandmother was an Apache healer. I was not fortunate enough to get to spend any real time with her as she passed on when I was a baby, but the stories and her spirit moved with in me. There is nothing I am more sure of in this world than this path I am now on. I can feel the pulse of our Earth every time I step outside, the energy of it, the love and the pain. When I am indoors too long I feel sadness and discontent. This tells me many things about nature and how blessed we are to have the elements at our finger tips. I still have much to learn as I am, for the most part, a beginner. Every hobby or passion I have had over the years is in some way or another linked to or in someway connected to Paganism. I would say I'm an eclectic witch, if I were to put a label on it, with special interests in Herbalism and Natural Medicine. I did't even realize that my home garden was a witch garden until I read about it a few years ago lol. I believe we all have a path that we follow and if we follow the signs we will end up right were we are supposed to be. I am intuitive as well as an empath, these gifts come natural to me and it has taken a very long time to learn how to no let the emotions of others over whelm me. I am now teaching this to my daughter, whom is very sensitive. I have had many distractions in my life that have kept me practicing . But earlier this year I almost lost my husband, this in turn put my own mortality and spirituality into question. This life changing event, one of many, has brought me to this exact place, this point, in my life and I no longer wish to squander a moment. I encourage any and all to contact me as I believe we all have something to give and something learn from one another. Our connections with others are what makes us strong caring humans. However I do have a rule: Treat each other as you want to be treated as we all have quirks. I dont like bullies, snobs or elitists, however you are also welcome as long as you dont bully or antagonize :) All opinions are welcome, just don' trash someone else because you don't agree. There is a way to debate without calling names or being mean. I am very happy to be here and I look forward to meeting you all! Blessed Be Brothers and Sisters Bramble Rose