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I dont like people. They tend to be rude and generally care for no one but themselves, so I am acting in turn. Please do not message me for any idiotic reason, including but not limited to turning you into a vampyre/werewolf/mythical creature. They are not made, they are born. youre stuck as a human. Yes, I believe they exist. you message me with hate mail saying oh they dont exist, Ill block you. Ive seen things you'd deny existed simply because you want to be stuck in your own little truth. You want to believe you are the highest force in the world, the dominant species on planet earth. Fine by me. Stay believing that. Ill block you either way. Dont just say hi. I dont like chit chat. Have a valid reason for messaging me. Asking me about my day is not a valid reason, nor is telling me Im very rude. No subject messages will not be read. If you have a question on magic...Ask away. I will answer to the best of my ability. Same for questions on psionics. If you just want to know what that big eight letter word means, look it up. Even though I say that, people will still ask. They will be blocked. Do not ask me to cast a spell for you. I wont do it. You need to learn it yourself. Im not going to hold your hand and act like a slave for you. Do it yourself, or you didnt really need it. I wont teach you either. If you ask, Ill tell you I wont. Asking that is more understandable, though, so questions such as those will not elicit a rude remark the first time a person asks. I am simply not a good teacher. If you read through my whole bio, I am surprised. Most are too lazy. I will let you know what and who I am now. I am the son of Erebus and Nyx, with a portion of both of their powers. I am part demon. Hence the name. dont bother trying to tell me Im simply troubled child. Dont bother telling me they dont exist. And dont you dare start with the theres nly one god bible thumping bull. I cannot stand it. anyone who tries will be summarily blocked. You have been forewarned. I am not friendly. If you still want to message me, I have some respect for that. if not, then oh well. And I have no respect nor kindness for idiots. again, you have been forewarned. Hmph. Truth tellers...gods...sons of Satan, sons of god, demon lords, scarlet vamps, horsemen, fairie vamps, AWTOK, all powerful beings... What a load...a group of children playing at being something greater than what they are. And people wonder why I like beasts more than humans. You know who you are...those fools who claim to be gods, or the prophet of the gods, or some special saviour of the sicken me. You sour the good name of those that do not lie, that show what they truly are. You play around and pretend to be something you're not and it looks terrible on those who are honest. I am sickened. And I'm angry. If you try to come to me with your Oh I'm the great and powerful something or other, and nothing can match me, you will regret it. I have no tolerance at all for such fools. And as a final note. To those who come to me saying you're a hypocrite you claimed to be a god Read my damn bio! Never once did I say I'm a god. Never once did I claim to be something special. Yes, I said I'm part demon. I'm proud of what I am. But it's nothing special. You see demons all the time. I'm not claiming to be some demon lord. I'm not claiming to be all powerful so I don't want to hear a single damn word about your hypocrisy bull. Have you ever had a sudden realization...a sudden revelation...that changed everything you've ever known...?