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Name: DemonSigma
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My name is Chronos Diabolus Sigma. First off I do not role play, if you want to pretend go play a videogame or something. Secondly do not ask for my sigil, I have no desire to be summoned for your personal amusement, if you somehow manage to summon me without a good reason it will end badly. Also do not ask me to summon a demon or the devil, I am not your link to Pandemonuim or helping you become possessed by a demon or possessing another, if you want to lose your soul or twist another's soul I will not help you and what you call the devil and I did not part on the best of terms, I am what you would call a ''free agent'' meaning I owe my allegiance to no person, being, or existence other than Mother Earth herself and to my goddess that I protect and serve. Know that those I love and value I protect at all costs. Honestly if you wish to know more than that then feel free to ask but I make no guarantee of an answer in return.