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Hello everyone,I am unsure what to put in this bio so I shall give away some info on me. I am fairly experienced in what the general public calls magic as to I have been astral projecting from a very young age.When I was only 9 I began to see the auras, and energy fields which lead me to want to learn about what I was seeing.This came to no surprise to my parents because they believed I was a "indigo kid." My entire life has been wrapped around the astral world and not a day goes by I don't talk to at least one entity. Well this is as much I feel I should write due to the fact I might not be on the site long but feel free to message me about anything. I have kept age a secret because so often it is people are judged because of it in my opinion you could be be any age and with knowledge of a past life or spiritual guide you could be adept in anything.