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Name: UmberFox
Birthday: Aug 1996
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
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I prefer to be called Umber or Ummy. Either is fine. I'm twenty-two. A Leo. My beliefsystem isn't conventional to regular Wicca, as I navigated for some years as a druidic follower. I feel the most at peace in the forest, and when I rest on weather-worn rocks, or feel the wind envelop me. I'm a writer, a hairstylist, and a friend. I warrant gratitude for the work I do, as I try my best to make the best things happen. I pray when I need guidance, meditate when I need strength and resolve, and I'll light candles to keep my creative mind burning.

As far as my knowledge goes, it's pretty plain and simple; I enjoy history surrounding Wicca and magic as a whole. I would not say I'm the most adept person, but I would say that I'm a little informed about many topics. I try to keep my studies veiled in shadows because many people have the idea that they think making a fool of a student is wise. I enjoy my practices, tarot reading, spellbook binding, and discovering new information about herbal infusions. I don't have a green thumb, as unfortunately, I'm not patient enough to maintain a garden, but I do follow instructions well and mimicking those instructions allows me to take care of plants with some ease.

I am single, I am open to love, but no, I'm not willing to try it here. I had a love, once, who frequented this site, but he was very...misunderstood and undereducated on the things he liked to be involved with. Nevertheless, I am here. Open to finding new light, and discovering new truths.

Blessed Be & Happy Halloween,