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Hi everyone.

Looking for people good with computers and know how to animate

Im not new to magic and nor to this site,i had been here and known by a few names,i had to delete my account because of a few reasons.

Family members from both my moms and dads side practiced magic.I dont know if this is a family thing but my parents are divorced and my mom decided to keep the whole "ancestors practicing witchcraft etc" as a secret.I found out that they practiced these things and had a strong pull towards this from an early age i do not know why and i also started having visions and spiritual gifts. I also developed certain abilities in this journey and learned as much as I can and will learn much as I can.But well learning will never end and we all won't be able to learn everything.

The abilities are nothing like a average human mind thinks,first thing that pops in their heads are cartoonic and hollywood stuff, its not.
Flying etc and nonsense like that ,thats not what my abilities are .
I will not also mention my abilities to a certain stranger ,only my friends know what abilities i possess and all of them are high wiccans and voodoo priests and agree with me that it is possible.

Im the high priest of real life covens,my covens work in a different way,its like trees with branches,theres a head coven and under that all other covens come in.

Im mostly busy but once or twice m free so i try to enjoy myself for a while.If your looking for someone to talk to or need any help then you may mail me.Dont worry i wont bite.

Im an Air element but i can manipulate all the elements ,technically not all,but i can if i try,my favourite element is Air and its my strongest element.

That which is stated above is not fake , many of you beileve that it is like avatar ,well its not,one can use his or her energy in manupilating the elements but its nothing like avatar get that straight .

STUDIES? AND Skilled Areas? ;
Greek mythology
Elemental magic
Egyptian Magic
Choas Magic
Black magic etc.
And many more...


Going to haunted places
solving mysteries( not like scooby doo but paranormal cases etc)
and others


I have a wiccan group on Facebook under the name Mystic Wiccans , some of the members from this site are a part of my family there,if you are interested don't hesitate to join,the page needs a few more work as we are busy in the group we did not have much time to update the page but will in future

Im looking for poeple who are skilled in computers as well because of a few reasons so if you have any experience in this let me know and youll be glad you contacted me, im here to lend a hand or ear and will help in any way possible...


Taking students now , teaching is done on kik,if you want to be my student send me a mail stating why