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Take time to listen to children and help them with projects that seem impossible to them. Be cautious while traveling to foreign countries. Do not yield to children or relatives when they really don't deserve it.
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Cristykay's Profile

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Name: Cristykay
Location: Austin, Texas USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 25 Mar 2017
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I was born in Tyler, Texas. Then my parents moved our family to the Rio Grande Valley at the tip of Texas. I personally would not recommend that environment for anyone. My mom and I immediately got ill and had to be put in the hospital. I was only 1 1/2. From then on I could not seem to stay away from doctors or hospitals. I went to 3 different high schools because my parents were trying to cure mom and I. Mom got fixed. I, however, did not. The only real stable thing in my life has been my career, which started at 16 in assisting a chairman in running his committee in the TX House of Representatives. I have run a total of 7 committee's, turned down two offers in the Texas Senate, one offer to work for Pres. Bush, Jr. and a modeling/acting contract. My best job was being Ass. Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Houston, Bob Lanier. Coolest job ever. You think you meet people at the state level, try running the 2nd largest city in America. You meet Presidents, deal with Secret Service, FBI, CIA, Military, Foreign Dignitaries the works. But, all good thing must come to and end. So I came back to Austin to work for myself. The Texas Legislature must follow certain rules, just like any governing body. And, since I have spent over 25 years in politics I know the rules very very well so I get hired to either kill legislation for a rule violation or remove the violations so that the proposed law can live. Since I am the only one who has dedicated so much time to this one field, I have a monopoly. However, I never take a job that I believe goes against my beliefs or the benefit of the State of Texas, and I try to donate my skills to issues that cannot afford my fee. My interest in the magic has been going on for a long time, 30 years I think. I have read just about anything I can get my hands on when it comes to Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse gods (male and female). I must say that I have struggled with this because I was raised in a very strict Christian family. I even when to Christian schools all my life. My eyes were fully open when I read the Histories by Herodotus, and he talks about Xerxes, and there is no Ester the or talk of the decree to kill the Jews. So I did some research and found out that even the top Rabbi's, Christians and Muslims have determined that the story is false, but it makes a good tale to tell. I was like, what? A good story? So is Cinderella, but we did not put it in the Bible. Also, there is now proof that Lord Oxford (aka the real Shakespeare), actually wrote the King James Version. My uncle, a minister, says the KJ version is the only accurate version because it is free. Really? Try to go to B&N and walk out with it; I think not. Dracula is free too because the copyright ran out. There are over 100,000 English books that are free because the copyright law has long since passed. I am now dying. I have known since I was 27 that I did not have all that long. Doctors gave me until 40, I am 5 years past that now, even though I don't look it. But, two rare heart diseases are hard to beat. I am forever grateful that I found this site. However, I do wish I had found this sooner because I have had to keep my beliefs to myself. It is nice to be my true self, even if it is just online. I hope everyone has a blessed life no matter who or what you believe in.