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Once upon a time there were two beings named 'Life' and 'Death' They sat upon a cloud, watching the humans of this world scatter to do their daily work as always. Life tucked a strand of shimmering blue hair behind her ear and titled her head to the side. Her eyes scanned the people, soft lips curling into a smile at the sight of laughter. "Death?" Her voice was calm and sweet as always, as light as the breeze and as beautiful as the mountains. "Why do people love, me but hate you?" she asked him. Death grunted as a bird as blue as the sky landed on Life's shoulder, chirping happily. The question had been asked many times by her that sometimes he asked himself that also. But, finally, he had found the simple answer. The one infront of him all along. "Because" he said in a deep voice, touching the birds wing with a sharp fingernail, pushing down and breaking it's bones. "You are the beautiful lie," He grabbed the bird, twisting its neck quickly, watching the light fade from its eyes. "And I am the ugly truth" ""Happiness and unhappiness are linked. Whenever one attempts to gain good fortune with little effort, there is always a risk""