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Name: biancatulip
Location: a very nice country
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 25 Oct 2014
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I love cats (I have 2 coco and Oreo)
I have a dog too (her name is tulip)
I love shopping and reading
I like history and science and English at school
I like sports
I travel a lot
I'm new to spells
I'm really friendly!!:)))
I practice eclectic magic. My diety is the greek goddess Athena. I've always loved greek and roman and Egyptian mythology. I have been to Rome and Athens and seen so many amazing things there. I love reading mythology and History and know alot on this topic. This intrest started when i was reading the percy Jackson series and it grew from there. I have been reading and researching mythology for around five years now (greek,roman and Egyptian). I just love it! The myths are so interesting.