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Name: Mr.Jay
Birthday: Jan 7 1996
Location: England
Gender: Male
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"Live and in person! The Caliph of Clowns, the Grand Mogul of Mountebanks..." perhaps the closest thing this world has to a true Joker! Welcome to my fortress of fun, my world of wonders, my establishment of laughter...and you know the thing about laughter? It has a sublime ability to heal. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Aspiring MMA fighter, currently hold a record of two wins and two draws. I train and I fight for the love of the sport. It's like an addiction, the more you take part the more it takes over. I have no doubt that in the future, I will be a professional athlete and I will be the face of the game. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ There's an animal inside all of us. We have two choices, cage the animal and make it mad, or let it become one with yourself and become truly free. If we cage our own animal then we will suffer constant mental torment. Let it out. Become one with it. Control it. Embrace all the parts of yourself that terrify you and accept them. Let your weaknesses become strengths. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want to talk, then feel free. I'm mostly friendly, but if I don't respond, well, too bad I guess. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________