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Hey Guys whats up? So my name is Owen and i am a nudist, dont laugh. yes i am looking at you! :p anyways so here i am, just checking up on stuff so all of you are free to message me for anything you like I try to reply asap as soon as i get the time, if you wanna text on some app then i am game too btw, just a word of advice to people who do reach till this part of the page IF SOMEONE IS MAKING AN EFFORT TO TALK TO YOU AND IS GIVING YOU THEIR ATTENTION! TALK TO THEM!!! DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TELL THEM THERE ARE BETTER PEOPLE, CAUSE TRUST ME THAT JUST MAKES THE PERSON WHO IS GIVING YOU THEIR ATTENTION FEEL THAT YOU DONT APPRECIATE HIS/HER EFFORTS Happened to me once, a girl i fell for left me saying we were hurting each other and there are better girls... so dont let go and Finally! i am not gay, i do think some guys are hot but i am completely straight. Again respect that Oh and many of the people on this site are really mesmerizing. like truly gosh beautiful