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Name: melindagavin
Birthday: Jan 5 1980
Location: Boston, MA
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I grew up in a Pagan/Celtic (Catholic) family. My grandmother (lil nana) who was from London taught me how to read tarot cards and tea leafs at the age of 5. I have always felt/seen/sensed spirits around me. My intuition about people usually is on key. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I have come to realize people in need are drawn to me for whatever reason. I usually pull them thru their issues but no one seems to ever want to be there for me. Or maybe it's my own pride that gets in the way? I have a habit of reading peoples thoughts, then saying them out-loud, making people uncomfortable or become standoffish. I have tested this with family and friends I am close with. More often than not I shock people. If I think about something depending on who is around me they will speak my thoughts within minutes. I do get visions and thoughts mixed up sometimes. It's like my 3rd eye has a bunch of junk on it. Things don't always come thru clear. Or maybe they do and people are just dishonest? I'm very good at seeing thru people. My grandmother taught me how to read "peoples eyes" along with seeing auras. I can change my face into whatever I want. It's one of a few games my nana taught me. I will have someone sit on the floor across from me. I have them stare into my eyes. I shift my eyes very quickly back and forth while I stare into their's until I feel like I am "in". Once I'm in I am able to read most people completely. I am able to see their childhood, things they never told me about, or I show them a reflection of who they are. Sometimes showing people a refection of who they are inside makes people jump out of their own skin. A lot of people try to act fake or give off a misconception of themself. That usually helps me, see just who a person is inside. I have always been empathic, drawn to cemeteries at a young age never knew why... around the age of 30yrs old, I found out that 3 homes I lived in 3 different men had either died or committed suicide in the bedrooms I slept in. First was the house my parents bought. The man who lived there had fallen down the spiral stairs and was found dead. When I was 31 years old, my mother told me that the previous owner of the house that she lives in now had killed him self in my bedroom. The current apartment I live in now...I had a vision of a man hanging himself. My boyfriend and I would always see things in a certain part of out apartment, sounds etc. When I asked the woman in the rental office if anyone had ever died in our apartment, she was honest with me and told me a 57yr old male committed suicide in 2006. I have high levels of anxiety if I'm around someone who's energy is negative. I draw it in like a sponge. I studied Reiki but I am unable to use it on many people because I can only take in, I have a hard time releasing negative energy. I have visions and dreams of what is going to happen in the future. I am able to warn people around me about certain future events that may bring harm to them. The year my father passed away, I started getting this burning sensation on the top of my head when someone I knew was about to die. I have been keeping record of all of these events dating back to 1999 the year my father passed away. I see the number 666,999, 669, 996 everywhere I do NOT go out of my way to look for it. Coincedences are on a endless loop for me. I used to keep records of coincedences and took pictures of all the numbers I seen, but it was starting to bother me. I'm not quite sure what my place is on this Earth, but I definitely know that there is a place for me, and hopefully I can someday figure out where that is. I have so much more to learn. Blessings (: