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Name: SabrinaNoel
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I've always been interested in magic. My name, Sabrina, comes from a celtic princess in legends that was drowned by her evil step-mother in a river next to her castle. She now lives as a river spirit and saves those from repeating her fatal 'accident' as well.
I've always been linked to animals some how. People call me crazy because I don't think around rabid animals, but I just know what they're feeling. One time I walked up straight to an escaped dog with a old rope around it's neck. My mom tried warning me off, but I kept walking towards it and even crouched down to read the name of it's tag. For some reason I knew that Rocky wouldn't hurt me, even though I had my own mother telling me other wise. I took Rocky and gave him back to his owners in the long run.
I want to learn things that will help me, my environment, and my family in the long run. My dog, Ewok, has had a couple of random barking fits at my parent's bedroom door when their's no one around for her to be barking at so I have a feeling there might be something more.
I'm a newb and would like any advice about white magic. I would also appreciate if you send me certain spells that are black magic so I know not to encounter them.