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Name: xShadowWolfx
Location: Sanctuary
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I'm a seventeen year old excited mommy of a beautiful baby girl named Raeven xP I'm married to a wonderful man. You may call me ShadowWolf or Shadow, either will do, but NO I will not tell you my birth name xD I am NOT a Wiccan as there are certain aspects of Wicca that I don't agree with/follow, I am however still of pagan beliefs. I'm a natural psi vampyre but sanguinarian by choice. I have a growing interest in energy healing and nocturnal magick, though there are other types I would like to learn but just taking it as it comes lol xD I know a fair bit about healing and am willing to answer questions and teach those who wish to learn, along with educate about forever misunderstood vamps xD I just love crushing Hollywood's fables lol I'm fairly kind and have a decent level of patience so feel free to message me xD