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SinixO's Profile

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Name: SinixO
Birthday: Oct 23 1997
Location: The Depths of a Dark Secluded Forest
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 03 Oct 2017

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio

To those who have the ability to rank: You have been given a reputation of Knowledgeable or Adept, and as such you are inevitably held to a higher standard. For those of you with this priviledge, I implore you to accept that there are many truths, some of which will contradict you own, and that this is ok. This is a disscussion board, which means it is intended for a variety of opinions and ideas to be shared, disscussed, and debated. Ranking someone lower, simply because they do not follow your truth, without so much as a response or rebuttle in either the forms or mail, is shameful. If a lack of knowledge is truly shown, then have the courage to point it out, so that an improvement can be made. Otherwise, you are in the mindset that your truth is the only truth, and that truly is a sign of a lack of knowledge.


I live a simplistic lifestyle, one where I continuously strive to develop through the knowledge and insight I acquire along my path. I have an affinity for the humbler magicks; particularly candle, elemental, and sympathetic practices. However, I also study kitchen witchery, divination, the chakras, crystal magick, spiritual beings, & psychic abilities. I have been a strict Vegetarian for 5 years, and non-strict Vegan for 3 years.

I've been a teacher and an author on this website since 2009. I've served on the council for a number of covens on here over the years, and was previously the priest of Second Sight. The most notable online schools I've taught for are Tigret Online, The Academy of Golden Light, KwikiSpell, Donelost Academy of Magick, and The Blue Rose. However, crafting articles has always been my main focus. Listed below are articles Ive published, let me know if you need help locating them. I am fine with people quoting my work, but please do so properly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Complete Guide" Article Series ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  1. The Complete Basics Guide (Forum Post)
  2. The Complete Spell Casting Guide (Being Updated)
  3. The Complete Candle Magick Guide
  4. The Complete SoM Guide (Updated, waiting for posting)
  5. The Complete Correspondences Guide (coming soon)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other Articles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  1. Astral Projection Techniques
  2. Broom Closet Solutions
  3. Candle Dipping (Forum Post)
  4. Correspondences 101 - Woods
  5. Correspondences 102 - Archangels
  6. Correspondences 103 - Colors
  7. Correspondences 104 - Days
  8. Correspondences 105 - Planets
  9. Crystal Correspondences
  10. Creating An Altar
  11. Herbal First Aid
  12. Lucid Dreaming
  13. Making A Scrying Mirror
  14. Psychic Dictionary

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Discontinued Articles I've Published To SoM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

These articles are no longer maintained and may contain possible misinformation.

  1. Alters For Beginners (Legion of Light & Dark)
  2. Astral Projection Techniques(Legion of Light & Dark)
  3. Candle Magic(Legion of Light & Dark)
  4. Meditation Techniques(Legion of Light & Dark)
  5. Basics 101 - Meditation (Second Sight)
  6. Basics 102 - Visualization (Second Sight)
  7. Basics 103 - Grounding/Centering (Second Sight)
  8. Basics 104 - Shielding(Second Sight)
  9. Beginner's Guide(Second Sight)
  10. Beginner's Guide(Second Sight)
  11. Meditation Techniques(Second Sight)

~~~~~~~~~ Becoming A Demon/Vampire/Werewolf/Mermaid/Whatever ~~~~~~~~

Nobody can help you to become a demon/vampire/werewolf/mermaid/whatever. You are human and will always be human. Anyone who tells you otherwise, or that claims to be a mythical creature, is simply lying to you. Don't allow yourself to be lied to. It only makes life harder. You are wasting the precious time of your life by doing this, of which, you will never get back.