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Name: Auroraskye
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I love magic and have for a few years (I think about 5 now) this is my first SoM account and it looks like a great community. I am a very Eclectic Pagan, draconian, a teeny bit Wiccan, poly-theistic,shamanic, and I dabble in hoodoo. I have been mostly studying, but I do plan to do rituals and spells after becoming better at meditation and learning more about witchcraft and Paganism in general. The type of spells I do vary, and I do black magick sometimes. BUT I do NOT believe in the crappy, fake magick that is practically all this site has on it. YOU CANNOT BE A FRICKIN WEREWOLF OR MERMAID OR WHAT THE FRICK EVER. In the astral plane, maybe, but not the physical plane.
Also I accept anyone, as long as they're not crazed jerks. :) I have the support of most of my family, basically the less devout Christians, and I'm a fairly happy person. However, I am still mostly in the broom closet, as I'm in a conservative town.
And please, if you feel like it, please recommend me some books, I would love to learn more about basically everything there could be to know about any type of witchcraft, maybe not so much Wicca, I know a lot about it, and it's one of the Pagan concepts that I don't follow as much because I am polytheistic, believe in more than one great God, and I'm not much of a rule follower.
I was born an Aries on the cusp of Pisces, so I'm a fire element, and I am generally a people person, so I'm not going to be rude unless someone starts something that I find offensive.
I also share an account with a good friend who is also a Pagan, but she probably won't say anything.
.........That is true. (From second user)
Also if you feel like it you can friend me on Facebook, where my name is Arabella Bloom, and you should friend my sister, Violet Bloom, as well.