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Name: Apollo66
Birthday: Sep 23 1991
Location: Mystic fall
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 17 May 2014
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Mi nombre es como del nombre del dios Apollo pero no soy dios,
Native or bio :
I want my name being privately to me,,, I'm a path of Wicca and I'm from Black country**** I live somehow as cool as I preferred , mi padre es herbalisto, I like doing magick but in my country we are the best practice magick I don't mean we are the best in wide world, so dnt misunderstand it ,
What? :
You can teach me how to cast spells bcos I have never done it before, our magick here is very different , we use incantations, oracle , some herbs ,... to do magick and our magick is * black magick *
Interesting in :
Folklore, myth, history, singing, watching, consideration...
Able to do :
Gun protection,compulsion,money ritual,blessing with children,love compulsion, charm, becoming famous,have great power...
Dislikes :
Lying, fake people, scammar , hacker, reporter, helpless people,,, anger people, mindless people, ruthless people ...
Reason for signing up :
To become Hero, learning how to cast spells, members finding...
Male, single,
Age: unknown
Please if you have something to ask about me feel free to ask me or you add me up.