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my name is joseph smith
i'm 15 years old and i love being a witch.
I've always was interested in witchcraft since i was in the first grade. i wanted to be a witch ever since i was 4 years old. i'm only intrested in white magic i really don't like people who do black magick because it's evil. i can control the wind when i want to. so don't ask me how to do it, it just happens that way. i hate cliches b/c when people hear the word witch they think of the devil or the wicked witch of the west. when people see a pentagram they say that's the devil's star, and actually it's a inverted(upside down) pentagram. i hate those who say being a witch is fiction but here i am with magickal powers. i wasn't born a witch i did an incantation to become one. i'm glad that i found this website. If anyone need any help you can message me but if you practice black magic I can't help you
Okay alot of you think just because you're a guy you're a worlock guys could be witches too.

I want to tell all of you that Melanie 1999 isn't messaging because she's scared to message people