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Five Elementary Draconian Principles All is one. Ouroboros or the dragon that bites its tail shows the eternal return and that the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning, in the small is the great and in the great is the small, the one is the all and in the all is the one. That which is above is like that which is below. All is force. The universe is force in different forms. Force is movement. The force reveals itself through the seven rays or levels of vibrations which represents the seven colours in the spectrum. The Dragon is the force and when the Dragon manifests itself with seven heads, they are representing the seven rays. The force is manifested through the elements: plasma (fire), in the form of gas (air), liquid (water) or matter (earth). In itself the force represents the fifth element (the ether, the quintessence). The symbol of the quintessence is the Dragon. All is possible. All boundaries and limitations are illusions. Only the visions and force of man creates limits. To follow one’s true will is the only law. Man can become a creator of himself. All is floating. Reality is constantly changing. Order is illusion. Through movement and action man achieves the life and force to create his life. Stagnation leads to ruin. To rest in the arms of the Dragon is to follow the stream of force. Everything exists. Nothing exists. Reality is a question of energy and perception. Nihilism is an expression that reveals lack of energy. Meaning exists if energy exists. Everything can be true and become true through a focusing of the right vision though the right force and right action to the right goal. ____________________________ The Three Main Principles of Draconian Magic Vision. The magician is a visionary that gazes into the limitless and channels inspiration to his actions. Force. The magician strives to use the potential force that is hidden in man and in nature. Action. The magician transforms vision to reality through action.