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Welcome to my profile, I am ZeusUniverse, I have been on Spells of Magic (SoM) for about 6+years. I am generally a nice guy, when I am treated with respect, by treated with respect I mean, respecting me enough by reading my guidelines for messaging me and not messaging me complaining about my "way of helping" or my biography itself. I do not like being rude or mean to anyone, but I won't help anyone who doesn't treat me with enough respect to read through my profile and follow the guidelines I place down.

So, if you have come this far into reading my profile, you know I am serious, I will not answer messages if they don't follow the guidelines, no my guidelines are not extreme, they are mandatory to help me be able to help those who really need help and not have my messaging clogged up with unnecessary mail. So please read the following guidelines if you want a response from me:

  1. Please add a Subject in Mail - I have had way too many messages without a Subject, please put a subject heading in your mail " before " you send your first mail, otherwise I will not respond.
  2. Please do not mail me with impossible feats - This means; " Spell questions that contain,how do you become; vampire, werewolf, hybrid, god, mountain lion, chicken, roast beef,..etc." Your mail will be ignored, those type of spells are works offantasy to put it blankly.
  3. Do not complain about my posts and biography - This one explains itself, if you are not a mod, please do not message me about my posts or about how much you don't like my bio, otherwise, I will just plain out block you.
  4. Do not flirt with me - It's not what Spells of Magic isabout if you want to flirt with someone, do it off SoM.
  5. Do not send abbreviated messages - I do not mind "Lol" or simple abbreviations, but when you start over using abbreviated words then you will be blocked. If you have questions or need help I need to be able to understand the message.
  6. Do not ask me if I'm a god, I'm not one, gods are not physical. They do not reside in this realm. My username is "ZeusUniverse" because of my admiration for the Greek gods.

One last time, put a subject in your message before sending. You can ask questions, but don't send messages stating youare descendent from any god/dess, that you're some supernatural creature, because I will not answer them. I don't have time for fluff and less time for arguing the point. Questions are welcomed but trolling I will just start ignoring people.

<><><><><><><><><><><><> ABOUT ME <><><><><><><><><><><><>

Well, I am ZeusUniverse, you guys can call me Zeus if you want, I have been practicing magic for about 7 years now. Magic has and is one of the most important things in my life, it's taught me so much about spirituality and understanding that we live in a very mysterious and mystical world. I have studied and still am studying a lot of my practices, I believe basic knowledge is grasped after years of learning, I still like refreshing myself on the basics of magic. The key focuses are Meditation, Visualization, and Will, these key points help you be able to use magic.

The current practices I study;

  • Hellenic Gods/Goddesses
  • EnergyManipulation
  • Candle Magic
  • Banishing Magic
  • Energy Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Vodou
  • Blood Magic
  • Heathenry
  • Elements
  • Druidism

These are the current things I am studying as of 5/23/2017, I could add more or take off within a time period.