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Name: Niekyra
Birthday: Dec 23 1997
Location: Idaho
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I would describe myself as a regular practicioner. I have done my own research extensively and have a pretty good understanding and capablility In magic. (I mean pretty good for the amount of experience I have) I really don't have an exact path, but i most recently have studied the first degree in the correllian tradition. I now have 4 years of study and have studied anything i can get my hands on. Too much to memorize the exact titles of tradition. I only have one chosen diety and do not feel like disclosing. I'm usually very open with things but I feel like anyones relationship with their diety/dieties Is a personal thing and I don't usually tell people right off the bat. Only my practicing aunt and my boyfriend know. If I were to join or apply for a coven I would be looking for one I feel will be supportive of everyone and happy to accept all. I expect a coven to be the group where anyone can ask any question without fear of being judged or discrimintated, even if it was a "stupid" question. An environment where any and all are welcomed and accepted. I can bring to a coven what I know and another curious mind. I expect a covens atmosphere to be semi formal, but still relaxed and Inviting. Outside of the above, I paint, draw, sew, crochet, cross stitch, read, swim, wake board, snow board, debate, and that's just the ones I can think of right now. I'm 16 and have been wiccan (or at least studied it) since I was 12.