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Name: Loran11
Birthday: Oct 20 1993
Location: Virginia
Gender: Female
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A little of my personal life: I have been a Wiccan for 4 years now, but I do not get to practice or study much because of the college I go to. I go to one of the toughest military colleges in the U.S.. I plan on becoming a police officer after I finish school. I love dogs and I have been training them for 7 years.I have a younger brother and older sister. I have a 3 year old niece and love her to pieces. I like to draw and listen to music. As far as music goes, I like rock, metal, country, and some pop.
What I want out of this site: I want to get more involved in the Wiccan religion, but I do not know where to start. I want to focus of lowering my stress levels and lower my OCD tendencies. I feel like getting in tune with my religion can help me do that. I feel like experienced members would be able to help me with question I may have or may offer me some useful advice. If anyone does have some suggestions I am all ears, and I appreciate the help.
Blessed Be