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Name: daemal
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Hi! My name is Flora and I'm Portuguese (so i apologize before hand for any orthographic mistakes that i make). My experience with the occult is vast, i started dwelling in the occult when i was a kid, my mom taught me all i know about tarot and other divinitory Technics, at the age of 10 and moved to the upcountry where an old lady taught me about herbs and the magical/medicinal propertys and how they should be used. As i was growing up i started to be more solitary and searching for my true path i searched for it in wicca, Taoism, Hellenic i joined the OBOD, Martinism, rosy cross then i returned to my beloved paganism (for a few years) and now i finally found myself in Asatru which is the path that i feel is the right for me. I'm just returning to the path of my ancestors, so i'm proudly a heathen. I dont have taboos so discussing necromancy or any other supposed black arts is cool with me, knowledge is knowledge and above all, i seek the True in all its forms and shapes. edit: Please don't PM me with questions like how to be a "supernatural" being, be Human, be happy. I don't care about that kind of stuff. I study and practice magick, if need advice about serious stuff that's cool, need reading cool helps me practice. Now wanting to be twilight Edward or Jacob NO! I wanted to be a Predator Yautja but reality check not possible. Edit: Please don't message me with pick up intentions you will be rejected on the spot probably with lots of irony and sarcasm. I'm happily married, so bugger off.