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Name: Jennifer0607
Birthday: Jun 7 1986
Location: Illinois
Gender: Female
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Hey there!
I am Jennifer but you may call me Jenn. 28 years old from Illinois, engaged and I am a Gemini. I am 100% type B++ and I believe to have A.D.D but never was diagnosed properly. I was active before on the site but things came up. Now, I am back and ready to learn. With that being said, I am new into this world. I was born and raised Catholic (not hardcore) I do believe in my religion, but I am looking for something more. I am not looking to replace my religion but to accept another. I want to expand and connect with my spirituality. I've always had an interested in the craft in its all. I am eager and excited to learn.
PLEASE, do not message me if you're only interested in flirting, role playing, anything sexual and all of that none sense. I am only interested in talking to people who are passionate of their practice and are willing to share their knowledge, rather that be thru book suggestions to full on skype chat
Have a lovely day.