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Hello there :)
Well, first of all welcome to my profile.
I've been wiccan for eleven years but my knowledge is restricted due to my schedule and money for supplies. So if I ask for help please dont be alarmed. I am from the North West of England and although I have never been to a formal celebration of the yearly festivals I hope to at some point in the near future. My preferences magick wise lie in different areas depending upon my intentions, though I never allow myself to take away free will. Also, I believe in angels as I was advised to see a clairvoyant who pointed out that I have 'wings' on my back (no lies there). I believe that the soul comes in many different forms and that you dont have to be gifted to practice magick, that everyone has the ability within them, but some people refuse their heritage.
If you've gotten this far into my rampage,
Blessed Be