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Name: EmmMarbles
Location: Germany (currently visiting Lichtenstein)
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Two gypsy descendants from the black forest share this page. They are me "Emm" and "Alester" who I am in an arranged marriage, that will take place in a couple of years. We loves spells and summoning but he is one of the best potion makers I've ever seen (when he's not lazing around all day :P ), while I deal in casting more nature and elemental spells, bringing good luck to people,tarot, palm reading, and cleansing their dwellings summoning and dispatching house fairies, and protection spells. But in our free time and work time, he is trying to be a novelist and a video game designer,-we are still in college- while i am working to become a full fledged contortionist, for the circus. So i study ballet en pointe and rhythmic gymnastics. We are both addicted to Cirque du solieil and I wish to perform there one day. !Please read! Depending on who you want to talk to or assk a question please begin your message with "Dear (Emm &/or Alester)" or "Question for (Emm &/or Alester)" or you know whatever, it makes it easier for us to answer questions personally. Thank you! -The Marbles