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Hey I'm Mitsunari I've been doing magic for three years now if you want to ask me anything This is a back up for my other account Midnight4 Midnght3 and Midnght and I still need help with spells every now and than and I have some spells posted on here from other accounts if you have questions about then mail me Also I'll write a spell for you too...although I do have restrictions I'll tell you what they are when you ask for a spell Okay so here we go uh my bio is on my first account Midnght so if you want to know more about me look there I'd just like to thank the person who came up with this website Arigato uh mail me I'm here to talk to anytime....so I think that raps it up...Oh one more thing if you mail please have a subject not just like "hi" or "what's up" like of something other than that please and thank you I write poems books I draw anime and live it my favorite show is ao no exorcist(blue exorcist) and I'm in love with Rins blue flames and his sword kurikara. I also like tmnt yeah I'm kinda a nerd... I don't really log off so sorry if I don't reply back quickly Would you rather be born good or with your effort over come your evil I'm here to just talk to a shoulder to lean on you know that good stuff