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Name: Carnesir777
Birthday: Aug 22 1983
Location: United States
Gender: Male
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First off though, these are the qualities of my personality: Supportive, quiet, friendly, helpful, kind, thoughtful, soft-hearted, easygoing, responsive, open, willing, careful, cooperative, conservative, logical, cool towards others, reserved, dependable, Understanding, Unquestioning, Humane, Selfless, Gentle, Kindhearted, Gullible, Indulgent, Accepting, Flexible, Educated, Self-aware, Middle-of-the-road, Proper, Distinctive, Indecisive, Adaptable, Engaged, Able to Cope, Passionate, Perceptive, Receptive, Aware, Avid, Casual, Informal, Compliant, Reliable, Organized, Solid, Genuine, Moderate, Amiable, Laid-back, Temperate, Relaxed, Poised, Civil, Pleasant. I'm also good at compromising and improvising. I'm like a geode. I'm what you see on the outside. But I'm beautiful and more on the inside. I'm more then easy going that's for sure! I'm more of a listener than a conversationalist. My Interests: The kinds of music I like are: soft rock, Celtic, J-pop, Asian, a little bit of country music, a little bit of Jazz, meditation music, a little bit of Latin music, and romantic music. The kinds of sports I like are: swimming, tennis, racket ball, bowling, billiards(pool), and martial arts. The kinds of food I like are: seafood, western food, Asian food, Italian food, and a little bit on Latin food. I am a fairly good cook. Tea is one of my favorite drinks depending on what kind of tea it is. Other drinks I like are Both Caffeine and Caffeine Free pepsi, coke cola, mountain dew, the cherry flavored versions of all 3, sprite, 7up, root beer, Dr. pepper, various fruit juices, hot chocolate, etc. The things I like to collect are: trading cards, semiprecious/precious stones etc. The kinds of TV series and movies both animated and non animated that I like are these genres: fantasy, science fiction, a little bit of horror, historical, adventure, action, martial arts, comedy, romance, true stories, etc. The books I like reading are the same genres as the ones mentioned in the my favorite movies section above. The same is true for both the online games and video games I play. I also like reading magazines involving those same genres. Oh yeah! I almost forgot to tell this part of me as well. I'm good at drawing to some extent. One of my strengths involving art is color. Places I've Traveled: I have traveled to a few places in the USA. They are The Grand Canyon, A native american reservation, a six flags theme park, the Tennessee Aquarium etc. What do I do for fun? One of the few toys I had growing up and I still play with to this day is video games and now computer ones as well. Of course I enjoy other types of fun as well. Favorite local hot spots or destinations? Movie theater, Resturants, The mall, Other places such as the asian countries.